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And at what stage do you pull the trigger on a student who hasn't fulfilled the CAS requirement? Anyone actually ever followed through all the way like this?

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It would be interesting if heads and coordinators would post their 'endgame and showdown' experiences. SMT dude , Feb 25, If it gets to that stage then then the IB Coordinator hasn't done their job properly. With proper tracking and monitoring this should never be an issue they would have been kicked out at the end of the Junior year if no work had been done. I do have very good ones, but I know how a bad CAS coordinator for example can cause issues with last minute compliance.

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MisterMaker , Feb 25, Based on most recent experience staff bend over backwards up until the last possible minute to help students fulfil external requirements even when they would appear more than justified in refusing to do so. In defiance of the old warning, a lack of forethought on their part frequently does constitute an emergency on ours. SelfPityCity , Mar 7, SMT dude , Mar 10, My teacher says it is tonight, but he is not sure, and is forcing us to upload it.

What should I do? I am not finished jet.

IB Diploma: You have not met the deadline and here is your RED card!

I have 1. Are u sure about it? I thought the official IBO deadline was in mid-March? It's more likely that your school has set an internal deadline that you have to meet.

I have my school deadline in a week, so I really do not think that it already is IBO's deadline. This is really intriguing Every school has it's own deadlines it seems You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. It is a question for me.

Considering your options: What to do if your IB results are below expectations

Despite this, hackers have a reputation for meeting simple questions with what looks like hostility or arrogance. Often times the staff can get too close to a story and it helps to have a pair of virgin eyes.

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Suspected to graduate early next year For a PR job: As indicted, I have over 5 years of analysing investments. What was he missing here?

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