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Washington Post. Sports Illustrated. Reader's Digest. In depth analysis of issues related to the discipline; Lengthy articles. Academic level book reviews; Refereed or peer-reviewed. Current events; Hot topics;Primary source for analysis of popular culture; Short articles; Generally not much depth; Interviews; some book reviews.

Academic; Can be very technical; Uses the language of the discipline. Written for practitioners; Can use jargon extensively. Practitioners in the field or journalists with subject expertise. Generally, journalists and freelance writers.

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Footnotes and bibliographies, Often very extensive documentation. Occasional brief bibliographies; Sources sometimes cited in text. Occasionally cite sources in text orprovide short bibliographies. Rarely cite any sources. Universities, scholarly presses or academic and research or professional organizations.

Commercial publishers or professional and trade associations.

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Commercial publishers. Photographs, charts, tables, illustrations of all sorts;ads related to the profession. Varies a lot; Some very plain, some have graphics, colors and ads. In he originated the Annales archeologiques, a periodical devoted to his favourite subject, which he edited until his death. There are numerous lagoons in the Llano districts caused by the periodical floods of the rivers, and extensive esteros and cienagas, in part due to the same causes, but these either dry up in the dry season or are greatly reduced in area.

The lower level has extensive lagoons and swampy areas and suffers less from the long periodical drought. Of the periodical art exhibitions that of the Royal Academy is most noteworthy. The periodical thorough cleansing of the vine stems and every part of the houses is of the utmost importance. Prayers for the dead, attendance at funerals of gildsmen, periodical banquets, the solemn entrance oath, fines for neglect of duty and for improper conduct, contributions to a common purse, mutual assistance in distress, periodical meetings in the gildhall, - in short, all the characteristic features of the later gilds already appear in the statutes of these Anglo-Saxon fraternities.

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The Morwenspeches were periodical meetings at which the brethren feasted, revised their ordinances, admitted new members, elected officers and transacted other business. While in most towns the name and the old organization of the gild merchant thus disappeared and the institution was displaced by the aggregate of the crafts towards the close of the middle ages, in some places it survived long after the 15th century either as a religious fraternity, shorn of its old functions, or as a periodical feast, or as a vague term applied to the whole municipal corporation.

Officers, commonly called wardens in England, were elected by the members, and their chief function was to supervise the quality of the wares produced, so as to secure good and honest workmanship. Therefore, ordinances were made regulating the hours of labour and the terms of admission to the gild, including apprenticeship. Other ordinances required members to make periodical payments to a common fund, and to participate in certain common religious observances, festivities and pageants. It is true that the river forms at this point several arms, and the adjoining districts were subjected to periodical inundations, while navigation was by no means easy here.

This periodical was started in at Lima, the contributors forming a society called " amantes del pais," and it was completed in eleven volumes. All disorders and irregularities were checked by the periodical visits of the tucuyricocs or inspectors.

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Rich annual displays of meteors have often been remarked on about the 10th of August, directed from Perseus, but they do not appear to have exhibited periodical maxima of great strength. The periodical histolysis may be partly due to the absence of specific excretory organs and to the accumulation of pigmented excretory substances in the wall of the alimentary canal.

The blood-sucking habit is common to both sexes, and the abdomen, being capable of great expansion, is adapted for the periodical ingestion of an abundant food-supply.

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  • In he took part in establishing the Nouvelle Revue de theologie, the first periodical of scientific theology published in France, and in the same year helped to found the "Historical Society of French Protestantism. But besides the vocation he had freely selected and assiduously laboured to fulfil, two more external influences helped to shape Martineau's mind and define his problem and his work; the awakening of English thought to the problems which underlie both philosophy and religion, and the new and higher opportunities offered for their discussion in the periodical press.

    In the discussion of these questions the periodical press supplied him with the opportunity of taking an effective part. A calamitous atmospheric feature is the periodical arrival of storms called typhoons Japanese tai-fu or great wind. He also brought out the first literary periodical published in Japan, namely, the Waseda Bungaku, so called because Tsubouchi was professor of literature in the Waseda University, an institution founded by Count Okuma, whose name cannot be omitted from any history of Meiji literature, not as an author but as a patron. A new law, passed by both houses and confirmed by the emperor, took from the executive all power over journals, except in cases of lse majest, and nothing now remains of the former arbitrary system except that any periodical having a political complexion is required to deposit security varying from to yen.

    This meant an extension of the TOkaidO under a different name nearly a hundred miles northward, for the magnificent shrines erected then at NikkO and the periodical ceremonies thenceforth performed there demanded a correspondingly fine avenue of approach. From to he published a scientific periodical , called Daedalus hyperboreus, a record of mechanical and mathematical inventions and discoveries.

    In modern times the weekly journal has become so much of the nature of a newspaper that it seldom can be called a periodical in this sense.

    British The first literary periodical in English was the Mercurius librarius, or a Faithful Account of all Books and Pamphlets , a mere catalogue, published weekly or fortnightly in London, followed by Weekly Memorials for the Ingenious Jan. The first periodical of merit and influence was the History of the Works of the Learned , largely consisting of descriptions of foreign books. It created a new era in periodical criticism, and assumed from the commencement a wider range and more elevated tone than any of its predecessors.

    Defoe's Review dealt chiefly with politics and commerce, but the introduction in it of what its editor fittingly termed the "scandalous club " was another step nearer the papers of Steele and the periodical essayists, the first attempts to create an organized popular opinion in matters of taste and manners.

    Dr Samuel Jebb included antiquarian notices as well as literary reviews in his Bibliotheca literaria , previously mentioned, but the Gentleman's Magazine, founded in , fully established, through the tact and energy of the publisher Edward Cave, the type of the magazine, from that time so marked a feature of English periodical literature. The increased influence of this class of periodical upon public opinion was first apparent in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, founded in by the publisher of that name, and carried to a high degree of excellence by the contributions of Scott, Lockhart, Hogg, Maginn, Syme and John Wilson " Christopher North " , John Galt and Samuel Warren.

    The plan of Notes and Queries , for the purpose of inter-communication among those interested in s p ecial points of literary and antiquarian character, has led to the 1 John Limbird, to whom even before Chambers or Knight is due the carrying out the idea of a cheap and good periodical for the people, died on the 31st of October , without having achieved the worldly prosperity of his two followers. Escott, Blackwood , pp. One of the most successful was the Farmer's Weekly Museum , supported by perhaps the most brilliant staff of writers American periodical literature had yet been able to show, and edited by Joseph Dennie, who in began the publication of the Portfolio, carried on to at Philadelphia.

    New York possessed no periodical worthy of the city until , when the Atlantic Magazine appeared, which changed its name shortly afterwards to the New York Monthly Review, and was supported by R. The first western periodical was the Illinois Monthly Magazine , published, owned, edited and almost entirely written by James Hall, who followed with his Western Monthly Magazine , produced in a similar manner. In America possessed only one scientific periodical , the Journal of Mineralogy. Poole's Index to Periodical Literature , revised ed. Brett, merged with the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature 8 vols.

    A Dutch periodical called Elpis, algemeen tijdschrift voor Zuid Afrika appealed to the farming community. About the year Mezeray obtained a privilege for a regular literary periodical , which came to nothing, and it was left to Denis de Sallo. Colbert, seeing the public utility of such a periodical , ordered the abbe Gallois, a contributor of De Sallo's, to re-establish it, an event which took place on the 4th of January The prototype of the historico-literary periodical may be discovered in La Clef du cabinet des princes de l'Europe , familiarly known as Journal de Verdun, and carried on under various titles down to This was the origin of the clandestine press of Holland, and it was that country which for the next hundred years supplied the ablest periodical criticism from the pens of French Protestant refugees.

    Bayle's method was followed in an equally meritorious periodical , the Histoire des ouvrages des Savants of H.

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    These productions were usually issued in periodical form, and, besides an immense amount of worthless tittle-tattle, contain some valuable matter. During the first half of the century France has little of importance to show in periodical literature. The first, treating of agriculture and domestic economy, was the Journal economique ; a Journal de commerce was founded in ; periodical biography may be first seen in the Necrologe des hommes celebres de France ; the political economists established the Ephemerides du citoyen in ; the first Journal d'education was founded in , and the Courrier de la mode in the same year; the theatre had its first organ in the Journal des theatres ; in the same year were produced a Journal de musique and the Encyclopedia militaire; the sister service was supplied with a Journal de marine in The Decade philosophique year V.

    It was preceded by a few months by the Revue de Paris , founded by Veron, who introduced the novel to periodical literature. At Leipzig was produced the Teutsche acta eruditorum , an excellent periodical , edited by J.