Essays on police misconduct

Thirty-five essays examine the nature of police misconduct, its causes, how it affects the community, and how it can be countered and prevented.

Law Talk with BJ - Episode 5 - Legal Hurdles in Police Misconduct Cases

The first section of essays, "Introduction to Police Misconduct," defines police misconduct and discusses legal issues pertinent to police authority. The issues of police gratuities and police interaction with minority citizens are discussed in two of the essays.

Police Brutality Against Black People Essay Sample -

The seven essays in the second section, "Crimes Committed by Police Officers," discuss police corruption and review specific crimes that have been committed by law enforcement officers. Attention is given to police involvement in victimless crimes and sexual violence against women in two other essays.

The third section, "Physical Abuse by Police Officers," contains 10 essays that discuss police brutality, police use of deadly force, and the dangers posed to citizens by police high-speed pursuits. The final section, "Police Accountability," contains 10 essays that address the various techniques and strategies that can be used to control police misconduct.

These include thorough police officer selection procedures, training that includes a focus on professional ethics, effective procedures for investigating and sanctioning police misconduct, civilian oversight of police behavior, and civil litigation.

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Essay references and a subject index. Abuse of authority; Accountability; Civil liability; Civil litigation; Civil remedies; Complaint processing; Complaints against police; Police Brutality; Police corruption; Police corruption causes; Police pursuit driving; Police use of deadly force; Statutory authority for police services. For documents not available online, a link to the publisher's website is provided.

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    The case summary deals with an officer who shot his wife then turned the gun on himself, the wife miraculously survived Lee, The wife felt the department should not have given her husband a gun this was the basis of her civil suit Lee, Bad publicity of the police has forced many departments to implement psychological screening when selecting applicants Lee, The U.

    Lee defines what Pre-employment psychological test are and their purpose. The purpose of psychological testing of police applicants is to screen out the ones who are mentally unfit to handle the stress of being a policeman " Lee. There are different types of tests used in the pre- screening process one of the most commonly used by law enforcement agencies is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory MMPI Lee, The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory consists of 10 clinical scales and 4 validity scales with a item, true —false questionnaire Lee, This test original purpose was to identify patients with psychological problems with medical symptoms Lee, The next test discussed is the NEO-PI-R assesses five traits, agreeableness, extraversion, openness, neuroticism, and conscientiousness also known as the Big Five Lee, ,.

    Police Brutality

    One of the cons dealing with this test is the self-report, are the answers given by the officers valid and reliable? Lee, It is very important to have special psychological tests designed particularly for the law enforcement to prevent future misbehavior conduct of police officers Lee, There are two main reasons why ethics are crucial to have in law enforcement 1 the public will tolerate aggressive and legal crime fighting and 2 the increase police —community watch, while at the same time officers must obey the law and accountable to the public Jones, et al.

    Jones et al. Lawsuits were one way of dealing with police misconduct, threats of civil sanctions against police agencies have resulted in little structural changes Jones, et al.