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Syzygy when three or more celestial bodies align in the sky visible above an observatory in Chile. Copyright by Y. Creator's Last Name, First Initial. Year of creation. Beletsky, Y. Three planets dance over La Silla. Irish, J. Sequoia national park. Drewes, W.

Formatting tables and figures in your research paper

Frog and insects no. The story of art 16th ed. London, England: Phaidon. Factors influencing the formation of tourists' needs. Jahan and S. Jahan, N. Factors that obstruct tourism development in Bangladesh. If you simply refer to a figure and do not include it in your text, format the in text citation and the reference list entry in the usual way. Randerson, J. Between reason and sensation: Antipodean artists and climate change. The market location and dollar sales of meat pies in New Zealand. Figure 2.

Retrieved from Passport database. Copyright by Euromonitor International. Euromonitor International. Trade volume of ready to drink high strength premixes in New Zealand, measured in liters [Graph]. The Nielsen Company. Pollock, J. Male and female [Painting]. Retrieved from ARTstor database. Vermeer, J.

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Girl with a pearl earring. America's Army screen dump showing soldiers and watch tower. From America's Army Version 3. America's Army screen dump showing soldiers and watch tower [Photograph]. Girl with a pearl earring [Painting]. If you refer to a figure, format the in-text citation and the reference list entry in the usual way. McCahon, C. Manukau [Painting]. Hamilton, D. South of France fantasy [Photograph]. Radiating ripples [Photograph]. Artist, Initial.

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Title of the work [Medium]. Raverat, G. Travellers [Woodcut]. Assisi, Italy: Sacro convento di S. Modigliani, A. Elvira resting at a table [Painting].

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Artwork image retrieved from an online source. Retrieved from URL. Saint Jerome venerated by Girolamo Amadi [Painting]. Marc, F. The red deer [Painting]. Du Maurier, G. George Du Maurier [Drawing]. Hipkins, G. The shaman blue [Photograph]. Select those images in public domain creative materials that are not protected by copyright laws , e. For example: Note. Explain abbreviations, symbols etc Acknowledge the source of the table Include a copyright statement at the end of the note.

Ruling Lines Limit the use of lines to those that are necessary Appropriately positioned white space can be an effective substitute. Author, Year, Place of Publication: Publisher. Copyright year by title of Publisher. Example: Note. Dear Professor The title page is numbered page 1. Instructors who require other information on the title page should supply students with examples of their preferred format. Dissertation Helpers. Using Serial Commas. Material quoted directly from another source i.

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If the quotation includes fewer than 40 words, incorporate it in text and enclose it with double quotation marks. If the quotation includes more than 40 words, it should be treated as a block quotation, meaning that it is displayed in a freestanding block of text without quotation marks.

If material is paraphrased i. It is not necessary to include the page number s in the citation, but it may be helpful, especially if the source is very long e. You Can Quote Me on This. Punctuating Around Quotation Marks. How to Cite Direct Quotations.

How Do I Cite a Kindle? Quick Answers—Formatting This page reflects guidance from the sixth edition of the Publication Manual. More information Publication Manual 6th ed. Lists, such as numbered lists and bulleted lists, may be used in APA Style. Place each table on a separate page at the end of your manuscript, after the reference list.