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Seigel Greenwich University Dissertation A study of a college student activities program. Delores Blessent Marquette University Thesis Teresine Haban University of Rochester Dissertation Francis: An Examination of institutional response to societal influence from to 2 unbound, 1 bound JoAnn Jackson Sterling Northern Illinois University Dissertation R Christ's attitude toward women as found in the gospel for presentation in the religious class.

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James Patrick McCabe, Ph. University of St. Study to investigate the impact of Indiana medical malpractice act of on medial malpractice litigation in Indiana. Rural health care delivery systems with emphasis on the health maintenance organization concept. Study on interior planning and design of medical-surgical nursing units, its impact on the effectiveness of delivery systems and the efficiency of the primary nursing care system. Development and verification of a patient system as a tool for effective staffing placement at LaGrange Community Memorial General Hospital.

Community-based care of the medically fragile pediatric population: can their needs be better served?

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Need for patient classification systems and innovative nursing care in long term care facilities as a result of prospective payment legislation. Nurse managers' perceptions of flexible scheduling to provide adequate staffing and its effects on recruitment and retention. Knowledge and attitudes of AIDS among nursing home employees before and after education programs.

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Nature and severity of anuses endured and posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms reported by women who have killed their abusive male partners. Child restraint usage and injury rates in motor vehicle accidents involving children. Educational theory and philosophy of education of Miles Elwood Cary: implications for democracy in a global civic culture. Investigation of selected predictor variables of academic performance of freshman athletes and nonathletes at a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Institution.

College of St. Perceptions of instructional behaviors among college faculty members and students in a liberal arts college setting.

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Shortage of laboratory personnel: primary care physician office laboratories in Illinois. Changing role of registered nurses in the transition from a traditional central service department to materials management. Relationship between perceived control over nursing professional practice and job satisfaction.

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Iron is an essential micronutrient for all living organisms and especially important in human pregnancy. Although essential, iron deficiency is the most common deficiency globally with pregnant women at an exceptionally The skin microbiome of marine fish aids in their health and survival and is thought to come from bacteria in the surrounding water, particularly during the larval stages.

Recent epidemiological studies have shown that long-term exposure to air pollution is positively associated with mild cognitive impairment MCI. Although interest in pollution monitoring is proliferating, self-tracking Air pollution has been identified as the world's largest single environmental health risks by the World Health Organization.

Real time air-quality information is necessary, to pretect humans against from the damage casused The systematic collective vibrations of the constituent atoms of a crystal poessess energy which is quantized — the quantum of energy is referred to as phonons. The presence of phonons in the semiconductor lattice introduces The purpose of this research is to discover if an app was the best method of delivering nutrition and exercise facts and obesity information to a patient with obesity. This study also emphasized usability testing and Hypothesis: We hypothesize that there is a significant relationship between obesity and mandible size and shape in children and adolescents.

Objective: To investigate the relationship between craniofacial morphology and Nowadays, biologists and social scientists are interested in understanding fundamental evolutionary, ecological, and population processes, such as decision making and activity recognition in a group of individuals. Vibrations in turbines, due to high-speed flows through its vanes, are of critical importance since they can lead to high-cycle fatigue failures when their frequency is close to the natural frequency of the system.

See editing example. Mendenhall Award: Dissertation Award in Nuclear Physics Title: Measurement of the neutron beta decay asymmetry using ultracold neutrons. Hi Walter!

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