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Let's see if we can help you! Oedipus Rex has undergone a number of adaptations. The adaptations are in keeping with an emerging trend where modern playwrights are turning to ancient plays and merging them with the reality of the present circumstances. One of these adaptations was the film by Pier Paolo Pasolini which has its second part reflecting the Greek myth.

He relates the episodes in Oedipus Rex in a dramatic twist that fits beautifully in the story of his birth. In a way, the adaptation is autobiographical and it draws its strength from the design and picturesque landscape of the setting. The adaptation is set in Morocco with the film maker employing beautiful scenery in the Moroccan landscape to bring to life his adaptation. He himself acts the role of the High priest of Thebes. For example, in some of the adaptations, Jocasta has been portrayed as an intelligent, independent sexually liberated figure. In writing the play, the author had various intents that he hoped to fulfill.

Sophocles hoped to fill the gap that existed in Greek literature, and more so on the myths and legends that defined the Theben society.

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Although some of the writers of the time such as Aeschylus had explored these aspects of Theben society, their writings were not comprehensive. Aeschylus for example did not exhaustively explore the finer details of the horror of the curse visited on Oedipus. The author was also enthralled by dynamism of the themes that his story permitted.

Considering the popularity of plays in the Greek society, the reception of Oedipus Rex was overwhelming. It is also important to note that the author was known for his competiveness and this resulted in the urge to emulate other Greek writers whose plays had received wide acclaim and positive receptions from the Greek audiences.

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The popularity of the play has not changed overtime, considering the relevance of most of the themes to the modern world. Oedipus for example had the wrong perception that he had the cure for the afflictions of Thebes. This pride is what we see in the world today.

A case in point is in the world financial crisis where experts believe that they have the panaceas for the financial crisis but fail to realize that they too form part of the wider crisis. The author wanted to pint out the imperfections that reside in every human being.


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