Red bull bc one 2009 lilou vs thesis

Dj Tee - Alpha Team 2. Salinas - Straussmania 2. Dymenjazz - Instrumental Beat De Jazz 3.

DJ Tee - Kingdom 3. Toro - Going To Borinquen 2. Queen Samantha - Sweet San Francisco 3. Santana Carlos - Toussaint Loverture 2. DJ Tee - Calypso Rock 3. DJ Mar- Dope Song 2. Dj Tee - Xylobreak 3. Calvin Owens - The Cat 3. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache 2. Quantic Soul orchestra - Terrapin 2. Destination - Put it Where You Want it 3. Sapo - Been Had 2. The Superfreaks - Funky Burrito 3. Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels 2. Bongolian - The Champion 3. Rufus Thomas - Itch And Scratch 2.

Area Code - Stone Fox Chase 2. Lovemaniacs - Sex 3. James Brown - Give it up Turn it Loose 2. James Brown - Give it up Turn it Loose 3. The Duke of Burlington - Flash 2.

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Jackie Mitto - Hang Em High 2. Mongo Santamaria - Cloud Nine 2. The Boogoos - Bubbles Part 2 3. DJ Shadow - organ Donor 2. Wiggles - The Spaniard 3. Babe Ruth - The Mexican 2. The Ventures - Walk Dont Run 3. The Brady Bunch - Drummer Man 3. Roxrite Vs Bootuz 1.

Best Break Dance Battle Videos [Bboy Lilou]

Ultramagnetic MCs - Poppa Large instrumental 2. FuSnickens - Can We Rock?


What's Up Doc 2. Vitamin C - Can 3. Blacksheep - Strobelight honey 2. Epmd - I'm Mad 2. The Nite liters - Nothing can make me love you more than i do 2.

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Esperanto - Night of the Wolf 2. Gus Poole-Hallelujah Alright Amen 2. Above the law - What cha can prove instrumental 2. Dj Woodo - la reussite du battle 1. Roland Kovac - Training Pulse 2. Big Boss Man - Kelvin Stardust 1. Giorgio Moroder - Tears 2. Disco Magic - Time Flies 2. Hong Rubber Legz Ronnie vs. Barry Kunzel - Step On Junior vs. Barry Kunzel - Supervisor Instrumental 3.

Barry Kunzel - Ziad, Ziad! Lilou vs. Ashanti - Only You Instrumental Lilou vs. Omar: 1.

Ashanti - Only You Instrumental Sonic vs. Pelezinho: 1. In its 16th edition, the world's biggest breakdance competition will travel the world again for the best B-Boys and B-Girls in the world. Each year, thousands of dancers compete in the national finals and the winners go to the Red Bull BC One World Final, in which 16 participate, but only one is crowned champion.

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This year the world final already has date and place to happen: November 9, in Mumbai, India [ citation needed ]. Fourteen years later, the world's most prestigious breaking battle goes back to Switzerland. This time, the Hallenstadion in northern Zurich will host the clash of the world's best breakers, on September 29, Location: Zurich , Switzerland. This time around, BC One hopefuls go head-to-head in over 35 qualifying cyphers and six camps to determine who makes the Amsterdam cut. The three-day camps will be held in Spain, Russia, France, Turkey, Japan, and Netherlands, reflecting the local creative landscape with lectures, workshops, art exhibitions, club nights and battles.

All the winners will earn the chance to compete for the last open spot, just days before the hugely anticipated World Final gets broadcast to the world. Location: Amsterdam , Netherlands. It will no longer hold the six regional finals from previous years. This also happened to be the final BC One that would feature Taisuke, as he announced his retirement from this competition. Location: Nagoya , Japan. Throughout the year, over 70 cyphers took place around the globe. The winners of these finals will battle in Rome alongside ten Wild Card entries, chosen by an international team of B-Boy experts.

The round-by-round judging format allows bboys to see the judges decision after every round.

Red bull bc one 2009 lilou vs thesis

The battle is set for 3 rounds Finals is 5 but can end if a bboy beats his opponent in 2. Bboys and fans alike, both disagreed heavily with the judges's decisions after many individual battles. Many argued that it was the worst Red Bull BC one competition since its initiation. Location: Seoul , Korea. Location: Rio de Janeiro , Brazil. This marks the first time the competition was held in Asia. Tickets went on sale at midnight, October 9, and were sold out within 30 minutes. The winner from each of these 9 events, along with 4 wild card entries and the top 3 finishers from last year's main event, are the final 16 for the main event.

However, two of the breakdancers — Baek , a wild card selection, and Niek , who won the Germany qualifier — had to withdraw from the competition due to injury. Location: Johannesburg , South Africa. Red Bull BC One All Stars is a crew of thirteen internationally renowned dancers, representing the best of the best in the scene.

Together, they showcase the art of B-Boying in all of its many forms. They serve as ambassadors of Hip Hop culture, with their main goal of giving back to the community and sharing their wealth of experience and skills with the younger generation of dancers. They travel the world to teach workshops, judge competitions and, of course, battle, continually challenging and pushing the limits of B-Boying.