Do we live better than our forefathers essay

Greater political and economic freedom. We do not have much peace and contentment in society. There are wars and conflicts in different parts of the world. Conclusion: Taking all things into consideration we can say that our forefathers were happier than we. Our world has made great scientific and industrial progress. We are living a life which is very different from that of our forefathers.

We are more advanced than them in many ways. But it cannot be said that we are much happier than them.

Today we enjoy greater number of facilities and comforts than our forefathers, we have a much greater number of machines to do work efficiently. We can travel from one place to another easily and quickly in motor cars, buses and railway trains. We can lift huge weights to great heights with machines. We can change the courses of rivers for better agriculture. We can, in fact, do things which our forefathers could not even imagine doing.

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We can enjoy electronic and electric apparatus at home. We can talk to people far away from us on telephone, mobile phones and internet, etc. Our forefathers did not have any of these facilities. In his sense, we are happier and luckier than our forefathers. Education has become common now. There is greater number of educated people now than in the times of our forefathers. There are more schools, colleges and universities than before.

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The government provides more educational facilities to common people. Education is free up to certain classes in different countries of the world. Education is going to be free up to secondary level in our country.

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Moreover, the students get many scholarships for higher studies. A greater number of teachers and better books are available to us. Better facilities for studies in educational institutions in the form of modern science laboratories and libraries are available than they were to our forefathers. This means that we are luckier and happier than our forefathers. We enjoy greater political and economic freedom than our forefathers. There is greater democracy in some countries more than even before.

Almost all men and women in those countries are free to vote for candidates of their choice in general elections. Even in countries without democracy, rulers try to act according to the wishes of the common people. Today, we have the most sophisticated modes of transport and communication.

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We can travel long distances not only on land by means of motorcar and bus but over the sea in ships and through the air in aeroplanes. There is no limit to where we can travel. We can communicate with people anywhere in the world by virtue of the telephone, and now via Internet. We have strong sturdy houses in which we live in comfort, where as our ancestors lived in mud houses, which were of course naturally warm in winter and cool in summer.

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However, they tended to crumble and dissolve druing the rainy season. We have amenities like refrigerator to preserve and cool perishable foodstuffs. We have all kinds of electrical gadgets to help us swiftly complete our work with the least labour. But, our forefathers could not even have dreamt of such machines.

Now-a-days, we ahve different means of occupying our leisure hours. We have television and video to entertain us. We can engage in hobbies like photography, which again was unknown to our ancestors.


The progress in medicine, which has increased our life span and conquered most of the dreadful diseases like small pox, cholera and TB, which were fatal in earlier days. Also progress in technology has given us the best roads and bridges, aeroplanes which are contributed to industrial development. All these were absent in ancient times. Our entire life style has undergone a sea change.

The position of women is very different now.

Do we live better than our forefathers?

They are no longer confined to four walls of the hoe but work shoulder to shoulder with men. Art and culture is all now highly developed. In fact, there no sphere of life, which has remained, untouched by modernization. And yet, with all this progress, which has made life more, comfortable and secure, are we happier than our forefathers? The answer is no; for we have lost the pease of mind, the content and tranquility that was the hall mark of the life of our ancesters.

They had none of the tensions of twentyfirst century life and therefore none of the high stress medical problems of today. Today we have everything that life can offer, but neither do we have joy, love, certitude, peace nor help from pain. Our ancestors had nothing in comparison, but strength derived from faith in God. Thus, they were happier than we are in the present day. No, I think that we are not became happy than our forefather. Technology is advanced day by day. Our life became very nuclear.